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Pokemon Go Secrets & Tips 2019

The hype surrounding Pokémon Go seems unbroken. Throughout the world, teenagers and adults alike romp on the streets and in nature to capture the beloved monsters. It’s the first time that you can play Pokémon on your smartphone. So far, this was only possible on the in-house consoles of the Japanese game manufacturer Nintendo. However, the general evolution away from the console to interactive games on the smartphone could no longer ignore Nintendo and finally decided to release Pokémon Go for the smartphone through its subsidiary Niantech.

Update 13.09. : 39-year-old plays Pokémon GO next to church – then it happens, as * reports.

With outstanding success. The stock market price of Nintendo jumped rapidly up and the download numbers broke all records. Meanwhile, Nintendo is worth more than the electronics giant Sony. In Germany, the app is officially available for download for a week, the hunt for the little monsters has already provided for all sorts of curious stories .

You do not really know anything about Pokémon Go because you just started? Here are the best beginner tips .

But the hunt for the “Pocket Monsters” (= Pokémon) in Pokémon Go also demands a lot of activity from the players. If you want to be good or catch a lot of Pokémon and get up to the level quickly, you have to spend a lot of time in the game. Of course, it is clear that there are almost inevitably a lot of tips and tricks sprouting out of the ground that can facilitate and accelerate the success of Pokémon Go. Here you will find the most common methods at a glance.

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Pokémon Go: Hatching Eggs
The central element of Pokémon Go is the catching of monsters as well as the incubation of eggs, which you get for example at the various Pokéstops. Hatching is started by clicking on “Pokémon” in the menu and then selecting the “Eggs” tab at the top. Then take one of the already owned eggs and incubate with the incubator. Depending on the required distance of the ice (2, 5 or 10 kilometers), a rare or rather frequent Pokémon hatches after completion.

In an egg, from which only after 10 kilometers of running a Pokémon hatches, hatching takes a long time. Above all, since the simple “shit” by bus or Trambahnfahren is recognized by the app, because the GPS signal moves too fast. Only in stop-and-go traffic should a small distance be credited to the kilometer account. Numerous tips are circulating on the Internet about how to speed up the hatching of eggs, for example:

Bicycle spoke : Stick your smartphone in the spokes of your bike, turn the bike upside down and then move the tire by turning the pedals. The rotation of the smartphone is the GPS signal pretended that you are on the move, although the phone actually does not move from the spot. However, you should attach your smartphone well to the spokes.

Turntable: Same effect as with the bicycle spokes, only here the mobile phone is simply placed on the rotating turntable.

Ceiling fan: Even with a good attachment of the mobile phone to the ceiling fan, the GPS signal can simulate movement and therefore meters covered for the hatching of the eggs.

Vacuum cleaner robot: Alternatively, the smartphone can also be placed on an active vacuum cleaner robot or an automated lawnmower.

Pokémon Go: Cheat with Fake GPS
The basic concept of Pokémon Go is clear. Through movement in the real world, one’s own character moves via GPS signal on the map in Pokémon Go. Pokéstops and Arenas are thus controlled by their own activity and wild Pokémon can be caught. Those who stay in the living room usually have little chance of catching new Pokémon or leveling up. If there was not the opportunity to manipulate his GPS signal or completely reprogramming.

With special tools, the GPS location on Android phones or jailbroken iOS devices can be changed. Excursions to the mountains or desert to catch only the Pokémon occurring there, or even to New York, where there is to be the largest Pokémon variety in the world, are thus readily possible. Corresponding programs are called “GPS Faker” or “Spoofer”, instructions can be found abound in the various developer forums on the Internet. Even the popular hatching of eggs is child’s play thanks to a manipulated GPS signal and programmed route.

The practice is very popular, many players declare the occurrence of competitors with extremely high level after only a few days with the GPS cheating. This seems to work so well in particular because developers Niantec manipulated GPS signals can prove difficult and punishments are only temporary offenses. However, Niantech seems to have recognized the problem and is using algorithms against the GPS fraudsters.

Pokémon Go players who use fake GPS can also seriously disturb the fun of the honest players. And not just by catching and collecting items at the Poké-Stops, but in the fight in the arena. Because there you have against the mostly much stronger opponents, who have cheated with the GPS signal, then not the slightest chance. And the fun is gradually flute.

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