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Super Smash Bros Ultimate Player Modes

The single-player mode Nintendo renounced even in this part – luckily! It is not designed as an adventure in different worlds like the Wii, but still worth a run. The new nemesis Kyra has petrified all except the pink cheerful nature Kirby and hostile clones on you rushed. To save your fallen comrades, move over a drawn map and complete individual battles. They are quite challenging: For example, a strong wind blows from the map or the opponent receives powerful support. There is a “spirit” to win in the battles. These are images of game characters that you can pack into a team before the match. This increases, for example, their defense or you are just not blown away by the wind.

The adventure titled “Star of Erring Lights” is funny and amusing, so even veteran fans in the series can confidently ignore the lack of target and platform challenges from ancient times. Super Smash Flash 2 Unblocked almost seems like a declaration of love for video games, because each fight is dedicated to the winning spirit and attuned to it – strangely beautiful. The different levels of difficulty show that there is much more sophistication in the fight, as it seems at first glance: For the most complicated battles with four star ratings at the normal game level even seem partially insoluble. However, battles are often so in pesky endurance tests.

The core business of “Smash” is and remains the multiplayer. This is taken to extremes in “Ultimate”: Up to eight players fight for the throne in a local coop, an absolute dream for big game parties. The countless modes never let boredom arise, despite always the same carnage. In the “Smash for all” mode, for example, each character can only be selected once – this is ideal for fighting Poser, who can handle only one character. Especially nice is that even bloody beginners quickly find their way around despite uncertainties with the controller. Aimless pressing the button is then not necessary – and with a worthy sparring partner makes the action but much more fun.

As expected, controlling with a JoyCon is difficult – if you want to fight a duel spontaneously, both sides have to cut corners. Those who are missing the whipping friends, or who would like to compete with other passionate players, reaches for the online multiplayer. It could make you almost as happy as with friends on the couch, but still has some mistakes. Although players can make a rule request for the match, they are still assigned to other game modes. In addition, the floating nameplates in combat one or the other time lead to confusion and confusion with other players. It might be overlooked if there were not the server issues. In the test quite bad lags occurred, especially in the “Arena” mode, sometimes even with a complete game crash. A shame!

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